Life Writing: Journalling as a Spiritual Practice

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Time: 10:00 to 4:00
Place: Utica Memory Hall (map below)
Cost: $85
$75 for WCDR, WEN, WHEN, PWAC members

Many people keep a journal. For some it’s a diary of day to day events. For others it’s a place where they can express feelings that they are afraid to share elsewhere. Other writers use it as a record of creative projects, or memoirs, or family events. Some use it as a place to record dreams, whether they occur in wakefulness or while sleeping.

No matter what the reason for keeping a journal, those who do so acknowledge the profound effect it has on their lives. The journal is a place for solace and revelation. Time spent journalling allows space for reflection. Journal writing connects the dots and helps us to see the larger picture.
But those who journal often confess that they feel that they’re not “doing it right” or that they’re embarrassed by the nature of the entries that they make – too negative or too whiny. And what should they do with this very personal writing later on?

Join Sue Reynolds for a day of investigation into the art and science of journal writing. Participants will explore exercises that can take their writings beyond everyday entries. Writers will leave the workshop having experienced number of different techniques that can allow them access to their own inner wisdom.

This is a wonderful gentle way to begin with one of the best writing teachers I have taken a workshop with. She provides such a gentle supportive environment and creates a safe space to express yourself. It really helped me to incorporate journal writing into my daily life. – Clare Bolton

Sue and the sparkling water
Susan Lynn Reynolds has been journalling for over 20 years and has studied with some of the leaders in the field of writing as a spiritual practice and for
therapeutic benefit. She is a published author and poet and leads many workshops in various forms of writing.

To register, pay through credit card or PayPal below, or call Sue: 905-243-4836


$75.00 Member Price for Journalling workshop

Map to the Utica Memory Hall here

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In the summer of 2013 I was invited to do a TEDtalk on “Shining the light on our Changing Communities”. I talked about the therapeutic writing program I do with incarcerated women. You can view the talk here.

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