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Writers’ Sanctuary near Toronto

“Some of my best work has evolved out of Sue Reynold’s Sanctuary Sundays. She provides a peaceful and nurturing setting, as well as experiential exercises to get the writing juices flowing and inspire the writer within. Sue herself is a beautiful, encouraging, and supportive presence (plus an excellent cook – lunch is included!). Sue has an innate talent for recognizing the jewels in each writer’s work. The effect of this one day lasts weeks, a door opened for future writing.” – Poet Annabelle Murray

When I was the mother of a young child I used to dream of having a place I could go to periodically to write. Not for too long – there was too much going on at home. But a day now and then – a few hours to devote to my poor book that so often got shunted to one side because of all the other demands of my life.

And then, as it has a habit of doing, my life changed. I moved into this cozy space in the woods full of bookshelves, a fireplace, a kitchen where the coffee pot is always ready to pour a cup or two, and a yard where the wildlife parades past the windows and serenades day and night (everything from blue jays and chickadees, juncos and nuthatches, to wild turkeys, deer, a weasel, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, wolves, and – just a couple of times in the spring – a black bear).

It’s a magical space and I realized I could share it with other writers and make those creative days I had once dreamed of happen, for myself and for other members of the writing tribe. Continue reading

Sue takes me on a direct meditative plunge into the writing world with the added bonus of amazing food. I love writing in the quiet safety of Sanctuary. – Memoirist Anna G

The atmosphere of encouragement at Sue’s workshops and Sanctuary Sundays has enabled me to stretch and see myself as a creative writer while adding a whole new gunnysack of tools to my practice as an Expressive Arts Therapist. –Writer Jon O

Sanctuary Sunday’s with Sue Reynolds have become an integral part of my writing life. The rural environment is inspiring and the home-cooked lunches are delicious. But, it is Sue’s sensitivity as an artist and her encouraging voice in the safe space she has created that truly nourishes my “writing soul” and keeps me returning every month. – Writer Clare Bolton

Sanctuary is the place I come to let go of all my writing distractions. Here I can absorb the precious creative energy of my fellow writers and spend a quiet day writing and sharing my work. –Writer Theresa Dekker

Sue’s Writers’ Sanctuary feeds my soul and nourishes my spirit, I need it. It is a place where I can leave my baggage at the door or come in with it and just fall into myself and write. This space is calm, safe and relaxing and Sue’s writing prompts are gentle, yet powerful and effective. I am able to produce pieces I can use in a larger work or stand on their own. Because of Sanctuary Sunday, my writing is moving forward in ways that would not have been possible without it. I am grateful to be a part of Sue’s Sanctuary Sunday. – Memoirist Steph C

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In the summer of 2013 I was invited to do a TEDtalk on “Shining the light on our Changing Communities”. I talked about the therapeutic writing program I do with incarcerated women. You can view the talk here.

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