A Novel Approach to Memoir & Fiction

A NOVEL APPROACH is designed to help authors START and FINISH
book-length writing projects in ONE YEAR.

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Our workshops are offered in three formats:

    1. As an in-person workshop where participants meet approximately every two weeks to write a FIRST DRAFT. Authors post their writing on our secure website, share their writing in class, and receive positive feedback about what’s working well from the instructors and their fellow writers. Throughout the workshop they also receive ongoing instruction about the craft of writing through lessons provided in class and through personal feedback from instructors.

    2. This workshop is also provided in an online format that mirrors the in-person design that accentuates the completion of a FIRST DRAFT. The focus, however, is more oriented to one-on-one interaction with instructors.

    3. A Novel Approach SECOND DRAFT is designed to help authors who already have a manuscript and who would like assistance in preparing their manuscript (and themselves) for the rigours of the publication process.


Fiction or Memoir FIRST DRAFT (InClass)

Maximum class size: 8

A Novel Approach to Fiction or Memoir supplies the discipline and positive support to produce the FIRST DRAFT of a manuscript in 3000 word increments, every two weeks, for a year.

Along the way participants MEET AS A GROUP BIWEEKLY to share their work and learn the fundamental skills of writing a book-length project: creating story, developing interesting characters, defining the narrative arc and emotional transformation, designing scenes, exploring structure options, deciding on points of view, and much more.

It emphasizes the completion of the first draft of a story or memoir, and rewards participants with enhanced writing and critiquing skills.

And all in the company of like-minded writers.




Fiction or Memoir FIRST DRAFT (OnLine)

Maximum ONLINE class size: 5

Our year long workshop that provides structure, accountability and instruction so you finish the first draft of your book ONLINE. Participants submit new work every two weeks and meet with a facilitator via Skype or telephone every four weeks to discuss progress and receive positive feedback. Participants also receive lessons about the craft of writing every two weeks.

Three ONLINE INTAKES per year. NOV. 15th, FEB. 15th AND MAY 15th.




Maximum 2ND DRAFT class size: 7

For those authors who have substantially completed the first draft of a memoir or long fiction project and want assistance in preparing it for submission. This workshop is also ideal for authors who have received feedback from an agent or editor who has suggested new approaches or rewrites.



CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS on www.anovelapproach.net

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In the summer of 2013 I was invited to do a TEDtalk on “Shining the light on our Changing Communities”. I talked about the therapeutic writing program I do with incarcerated women. You can view the talk here.

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